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Alcoholism Treatment Lancaster

An alcoholism treatment program remains the best option for the person who is hoping to escape the bondage of alcohol addiction. The legality and easily accessibility of this substance has made alcoholism one of the most prevalent addictions in America. Alcoholism can be one of the most difficult addictions to break. In fact, without participating in a qualified alcoholism treatment program, addicts can find themselves suffering from serious physical, mental, emotional and financial difficulties. Alcoholism Treatment Centers Lancaster can help patients manage and treat their substance dependence. Give us a call today at 570-285-8077.

Explaining Addiction

Alcoholism is a chemical addiction to alcohol, which means that it is a disease, and it is vitally important that it is approached as an illness, and not simply viewed as a behavior. Like any other addiction, alcoholism is the result of a change in the chemical composition of the brain and other major organs in the body. Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant that has the capacity to alter the brain, and any drug that has the ability to alter the brain can cause the development of an addiction. When a person begins consuming alcohol, the alcohol causes a change in the chemical makeup of the brain. The more that a person drinks, the more pronounced the chemical change will be.

It is this chemical change that constitutes an addiction. What happens is that the brain recognizes the new chemical makeup as being the norm, and once this happens the brain begins demanding the drug in order to maintain the new chemical makeup, which requires the consumption of the drug. The way that the brain makes it demands is by triggering unpleasing feelings via the body. These unpleasant feelings can include nausea, sweats, shakes, headaches and cramps. The longer the body goes without alcohol, the more violent the demands from the brain will become. These uncomfortable physiological occurrences are known as withdrawal symptoms or withdrawal pains. These are the same withdrawal symptoms that the person will experience when they attempt to overcome their addiction.

The Difference between Addiction & Abuse

It is worth mentioning that alcoholism, although treated synonymously, is not the same thing as abuse. Alcohol abuse is a behavior, while addiction is an illness that dictates behavior. The person who abuses this substance does not have to be addicted to it. As a matter of fact, there are many people who abuse alcohol who may drink once per month; however, when they drink, they go non-stop. It is the excessiveness, not a lack of control that is characteristic of abuse. Where the alcoholic has no control over their alcohol consumption, and may not even want to drink, the abusers do so simply because they want to.

Some good examples of substance abuse include:

  • A person drinking until they become sick
  • Binge drinking
  • Drinking to the point of passing out

Some common symptoms of alcoholism are:

  • Strong, undeniable cravings to drink
  • Loss of control when it comes to drinking
  • Developing a high tolerance for alcohol
  • Signs of physical dependence

The best chance of beating an alcohol addiction is by checking into a residential treatment facility to undergo a medical supervised detoxification and therapy program. Participating is an alcoholism treatment program can more than double a person’s chance of overcoming their addiction. For help with this or any other addiction, call Drug Treatment Centers Lancaster at 570-285-8077.

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