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Lancaster Mental Illness and Drug Treatment

Facing a mental disorder along with an addiction is called dual diagnosis. This type of diagnosis is not uncommon. In fact, many adults face addiction in conjunction with depression, panic disorders, eating disorders and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Because dual diagnosis patients are facing two very complex issues, it's important th... Read More →

Lancaster Alcohol Dependence Treatment

Lancaster alcohol dependence treatment has become a necessary service due to the prevalence of addicts in the area. More and more adults are suffering from alcohol abuse and dependence. What exactly is this, though? What causes alcohol abuse? Can it be treated? While alcohol abuse is widespread, many adults don't understand exactly what it is or wh... Read More →

Lancaster Synthetic Marijuana Rehab

Synthetic marijuana is a chemical mixture that mimics the effects of the cannabinoids in real marijuana. It is usually sprayed onto herbs such as lotus and honey weed to give the product a similar appearance. Users smoke or vaporize it as is done with regular cannabis. Lancaster synthetic marijuana rehab centers give comprehensive treatment, riddin... Read More →

Lancaster Alcohol Detox

Lancaster alcohol detox programs are essential for people experiencing alcohol withdrawal. Many times, people that are addicted to alcohol don't understand the severity of their illness or how much their bodies are dependent on the substance. If an individual tries to give up drinking on their own, alcohol withdrawal can be so severe that they can... Read More →

MDMA Ecstasy

The history of ecstasy is quite interesting. This drug was developed in Germany in the 1900 in order to produce other medications. It was first used as a psychotherapeutic tool before it underwent clinical trials. In the late 2000 MDMA ecstasy underwent the first clinical trial to see if the drug could be used on psychotherapy to treat post-traumat... Read More →

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