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Drug Addiction Rehab Lancaster

Drug addiction is a devastating and often relapsing brain disease that affects all areas of a person’s life. There is a common misconception that willpower is sufficient to overcome a substance addiction, but the statistics prove otherwise. Without a good drug addiction rehab program, the chances of successfully treating and managing an addiction are extremely low. It takes dedication, commitment, time, energy, and the right drug addiction rehab program to recover from substance dependence. At Drug Addiction Rehab Centers Lancaster, we can help addicts claim their lives back one step at a time. Call us now at 570-285-8077, and start living a drug-free life today.

Defining Addiction

Drug addiction is characterized by the physical and psychological dependence on a substance, despite its harmful effects. Drug addicts do not have the capability of controlling how much of the drug they consume or how frequently they consume it. Once they are dependent, they become completely preoccupied with seeking and using drug. They lose all regard for the negative physical, emotional, psychological, social and financial effects their habit produces.

Drug addiction occurs due to a chemical change in the brain that is that occurs over a period of time, while the drug is being abused. The more the person uses, and the larger the dose, the greater the chemical change that takes place in the brain. At a certain point, the brain will register this change as being its new normal chemical composition.

When that drug is taken away, the body will demand the drug by triggering undesirable physiological reactions, such as headaches, sweats and nausea. These uncomfortable side effects are known as withdrawal symptoms, and they are one of the primary reasons that many people fail in the initial phases of the recovery process. These symptoms become more intense with each passing minute that the body has to go without the drug. If you or someone you care is experiencing these symptoms of withdrawal or is having trouble maintaining their sobriety, call Drug Treatment Centers Lancaster now at 570-285-8077.

The Importance of Drug Rehab

The difficulty associated with physical chemical dependency on drugs, as stated above, is one important reason that any person who is struggling with an addiction should check into a reputable drug rehab treatment center.

In addition to helping patients deal with the uncomfortable and painful symptoms that are associated with withdrawal, a Lancaster Drug Rehab Centers will also help them address the psychological and emotional issues that are more than likely at the core of their drug problem. The highly trained staff will be able to help patients make it through the entire process, while also providing them with the necessary coping skills to deal with the challenges they will face when they leave the treatment center.

Drug addiction recovery extends long after the person leaves the treatment center to reenter society. In fact, some of the greatest challenges the person will face will be during the first 60 days after checking out of the residential treatment center. This is why all effective programs include drug treatment aftercare. This aftercare program provides patients with the tools and resources they will need to continue their relapse prevention education and avoid temptation and triggers once they return to their everyday lives.

The Principles of Effective Treatment

All quality recovery programs embrace the Principles of Effective Treatment, which are a collection of statements that are drawn from research that has found what makes a recovery program successful. There are 13 Principles, which include these five essential acknowledgements:

  • Addiction is a highly complex disease that affects brain function and behavior, but it’s a treatable disease.
  • There is no single addiction treatment therapy that will be effective for every individual.
  • The individual’s multiple, specific emotional needs must be addressed in addition to the physical aspect of treatment.
  • An individual’s addiction treatment plan must be continually assessed to meet changing and emerging needs.
  • Many people with an addiction also have an underlying or co-occurring mental health disorder that also needs to be treated.

Drug Treatment Centers Lancaster could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Call us today at 570-285-8077 and find out how we can help you or someone you love.

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