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Klonopin Lancaster

Recently, there has been a sharp increase in the number of Klonopin addictions. Klonopin is the brand name for Clonazepam, a benzodiazepine like Xanax. The medication is used primarily to treat seizures; however, mental health care professionals have been using it to treat several mental health disorders, such as anxiety and panic disorders.

Things You Should Know

Klonopin has developed a reputation for being more addictive than its Schedule IV categorization would indicate. Based on the Controlled Substances Act, all controlled substances are categorized based on two simple criteria, whether they have a medical use and how addictive they are. The lower the number, the more addictive and least amount of medical uses the drug will have. For instance, Schedule I drugs such as heroin have no medical use, and they are highly addictive.

Klonopin has the potential to cause liver damage, so anyone who is suffering from any type of liver disease should refrain from using this drug. It is also important to understand that a person should not use this medication outside of the parameters that have been set by the doctor.
Due to the fact that the drug impacts the chemical makeup of the brain, it can cause thoughts of suicide, meaning that anyone taking this drug should be monitored regularly for signs of depression. The person should make sure that they do not miss any scheduled appointments with their doctor.

Some of the common side effects of this drug are:

  • Irritability
  • Hostility
  • Depression
  • Agitation
  • Hyperactivity
  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Mood Swings
  • Changes in behavior

Someone taking Klonopin should refrain from drinking alcohol because the drug has the capacity to amplify the effects of the alcohol. Most of all, anyone using this medication should be aware that it is highly addictive, and the withdrawal symptoms are brutal.

The Reason This Drug is so Addictive

With such a spike in Klonopin addiction cases, the question that is on the minds of many is why is there such a sharp increase all of a sudden? Actually, it is a combination of things. First, there is more data being compiled on the drug, so the numbers that are being compiled now are more accurate than they have been in the past. Additionally, more people are seeking help for their addictions, and they are being counted. Lastly, there has been a sharp increase Klonopin abuse.

Despite being a Schedule IV drug, this drug has developed a reputation for being the most lethal pill in America. Singer, Stevie Nicks, has become the poster person for Klonopin addiction. Although her addiction to Clonazepam was almost thirty years ago, Nicks has not been shy about telling people how dangerous this drug is. In 1986, Nicks entered the Betty Ford Clinic to battle an addiction to cocaine, which she beat. After being released from the treatment center, her psychiatrist prescribed Clonazepam to help her sustain her sobriety. It wasn’t long before Nicks had developed an addiction to the medication.

According Nicks, the withdrawal symptoms were “hellish” and the addiction and its side effects were worse than cocaine or heroin. She has said that Klonopin literally ruined her life. In a recent interview with Fox News, she was quoted as saying, “The only thing I’d change [in my life] is walking into the office of that psychiatrist who prescribed me Klonopin. That ruined my life for eight years. God knows, maybe I would have met someone, maybe I would have had a baby.”

Not only is this medication highly addictive, but the withdrawal symptoms are notoriously vicious. Anyone who is suffering from an addiction to Klonopin should seek immediate medical attention from a facility that specializes in treating major addictions. A complete treatment plan, starting with a medical detox, is their best chance of beating their addiction.

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