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Medical Detox in Lancaster

A medical detox is one of the most effective methods for breaking a physical addiction to drugs or alcohol. Becoming addicted to drugs can be an overwhelming experience, and the pull of the addiction can be relentless. Although there are the rare occasions when an individual will be able to walk away from substance dependence without the use of a structured treatment plan, that is far from the norm. At Drug Treatment Centers Lancaster, we can help you through the medical detox process by providing patients with an experienced and knowledgeable staff that will monitor their progress and provide medication should the symptoms of withdrawal cause pain or extreme discomfort. Call us today at 570-285-8077.

The Reason Medical Detox is So Important

A medical detox is a structured approach to facilitating the detoxification aspect of the addiction recovery process. It allows patients to undergo this process under medical supervision. Our medical team has the experience and expertise to ensure that the process is as smooth and as comfortable as possible. If necessary, the doctor that is assigned to the case will prescribe certain medications that will help ease the intensity of the withdrawal pains. This type of treatment increases the success rate of the detoxification process significantly.

Without a medical detox, this process, and the withdrawal pains that are associated with it, are the top cause of relapse in the early stages of recovery. It is quite simple, actually, the pain and discomfort that are associated with withdrawal can become so intense that the person will revert to using the drug of choice in order to avoid having to deal with the pain and discomfort. A medical detox protocol makes this phase of the recovery process more bearable.

Don’t Attempt to Detox at Home

It is not uncommon for an individual to want to go through the detoxification process at home; however, this is not recommended, for a number of reasons. One reason is that home detox is not recommended, based on the aforementioned facts concerning the pain and discomfort of the process. Pain and discomfort from quitting the drug can be severe, and in some cases, life-threatening. The pain and discomfort will more than likely drive the person to use again, hoping to escape the discomfort of withdrawal.

Pain and discomfort is not the only reason that quitting alone at home is not a good idea, although it is a major contributor to the relapse rate during the initial phase of recovery. The most important reason why home detox is not recommended is the fact that withdrawal can cause a number of dangerous medical complications, including seizures, kidney failure, cardiac arrest, stroke and aneurysm. Without medical attention, these complications could prove to be fatal.

With a medical detox protocol, the patient will have access to a complete team of medical professionals that will be able to monitor all of their vital signs to ensure that there are no medical complications, and should an emergency arise, the medical team will have the equipment, experience and expertise necessary to respond to the emergency, increasing the chance of a complete recovery.

In cases in which the person does not participate in a medical detox program, the chance of successful recovery is cut more than half, making the use of a medical detox program immensely vital to the overall success of addiction recovery. It provides the comfort and medical support that will make all of the difference in the world.

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