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Recovery Programs Lancaster

Rehab and recovery programs are an essential tool in the treatment for addiction. An organized, comprehensive recovery program that is focused on treating the physical and psychological aspects of substance dependence is an addict’s best chance for success.

Addiction is a personal experience, which requires that treatment be focused on addressing the unique needs of each patient. A good recovery program will be able to provide the comfort, security, support and direction that is necessary to achieve complete sobriety.

What are Recovery Programs?

These programs are designed to address the addiction as well as develop the knowledge and skills that will be essential to achieving a complete recovery. It will include a medical detox, psychotherapy, behavioral modification. It also takes into consideration every aspect and phase of the recovery process in order to provide the individual with the guidance and support that will be sufficient enough to reach the ultimate goal of absolute freedom from the addiction.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use, more than 22 million Americans are abusing drugs and alcohol, and these numbers are highly conservative. There are some studies that suggest that the number is closer to 30 million. What is alarming is that only an estimated 10 to 12 percent of these individuals are actually receiving treatment for their addiction. What these numbers reveal is that the vast majority of these individuals are trapped in a cycle of perpetual addiction.

Drug addiction is a disease that should be taken very seriously. More emphasis must be placed on convincing individuals who are struggling with drug addiction to seek help immediately. There is an immense difference in the success rate among individuals who participate in a drug rehab and recovery program and those who don’t. Participating in a recovery program can more than double a patient’s chances of success.

Common Reasons that People Avoid Drug Treatment Programs

There are a number of reasons that cause people to resist seeking help for their drug addiction. One of the most prevalent reasons for foregoing assistance is denial. Sometimes it will take an intervention by the family to convince a person that they actually have a problem.

Some other common reasons that people avoid a drug treatment facility are:

  • The perception of social stigmas associated with being in a rehab program
  • The belief that the need of a recovery program constitutes weakness
  • The belief that they have the ability to overcome the problem on their own
  • A fear of sharing their vulnerability with others
  • Financial troubles that make it difficult to pay for treatment

The truth is that recovery programs are essential to overcoming addiction. A person who is struggling with an addiction should take every necessary step to ensure that they get the help that they need.

Participating in a drug treatment program will provide immeasurable benefits, including providing the individual with the coping skills that are necessary to engage their addiction over the long term. Getting through the initial phase of the treatment is immensely important, and it is something to be celebrated; however, the greatest challenge will come when the person checks out of the recovery center and walks out into the real world. Participating in a recovery program means that they will not be facing the world alone.

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